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Test Management Roadmap

  • 1.  Test Management Roadmap

    Posted 06-11-2018 08:04

    It seems like the test management portions of the software are not getting a lot of attention.  Is there a roadmap for test management or can you provide some insight on what to expect in the next 6 months to a year.

    Matt Kaiser

  • 2.  RE: Test Management Roadmap

    Posted 07-05-2018 10:52
    Jama -
    Is there any information you can share with us on this topic?

    Fujifilm SonoSite

  • 3.  RE: Test Management Roadmap

    Posted 07-08-2018 21:45
    We've recently done quite a bit around verification and validation as a follow on to research performed last year. Many of our findings determined we had a general need to better integrate the test features with the main Jama functionality. With 8.25 we've pushed updates that provide :
    1. End to end visibility by including test runs in the Trace View.
    2. More intuitive use of the Review Center for​ test plans and test results.
    3. Resetting of test run order.
    4. REST API updates to test run PUT and PATCH, currently in labs.
    5. Introduced Test Runner license to remove Collaborator license confusion and asks for additional access like attachments, custom field updates and defect management.
    We have more areas we'd like to focus on:
    1. Focus on efficiency of getting results in through the importing of test runs and quick updates to table of test runs.
    2. Ensure compliance by introducing workflow/locking of test runs.
    3. Managing inputs and results.
    I think the first two are clear. The third area is potentially a significant change to behavior. We heard many asks for more inheritance of custom fields, but ultimately the reason for the ask was to address the needs for describing different configurations or setups of the same test.

    Steve Gotsch
    Product Manager
    Jama Software