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Update UTC Time Zone in Reviews

  • 1.  Update UTC Time Zone in Reviews

    Posted 06-21-2018 05:50

    I opened up a review in a projectc this morning and set the review date/time, but in the e-mail the reviewers (clients) received, it indicated the review was due a day later with a different time. The e-mail converted the time zone from CST to UTC time zone. UTC is 5 hours ahead of us which explains why the ddue ate changed 6/29 . This is expected behavior, per online help, but we would love a way to update the time zone. It's causing confusion on the client  (reviewer) side because they thought they had additional time (another day) to complete the review.

    Nicole Comer

  • 2.  RE: Update UTC Time Zone in Reviews

    Posted 04-24-2020 08:08
    I am having the same issue;  how did you resolve this?

    American College of Surgeons