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Simultaneous use of multiple filters in Explorer

  • 1.  Simultaneous use of multiple filters in Explorer

    Posted 04-05-2017 11:50
    As a Product Owner, I want to see items that satisfy multiple filtering criteria, so that I can focus what is being displayed in the Explorer for the team I am working with at the stage of the process (e.g., backlog grooming, sprint planning, sprint review) we are engaged in at the moment
    I'll know this is complete when:
    1. I can define several filters, each with a specific purpose such as picking out a particular status, component, priority, etc.
    2. I can multi-select two or more filters and command that they be applied simultaneously to the Explorer view

    In case it is not obvious, what I am trying to avoid is having to make unique filters for all the permutations and combinations of filter variables and values I need when working with multiple teams on a common set of requirements that lead to a comprehensive set of user stories in a single Contour project.

    Gary Rucinski
    Scrum Master and Agile Evangelist
    Lexington, MA