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Request for improvement on Baseline

  • 1.  Request for improvement on Baseline

    Posted 11-16-2018 03:31



    at Jama Con 2018 in Amsterdam, I have mentioned our request with Matt Mickle. For further discussions and more inputs from other users who might have the same interest like us, I will document it here.


    Goal: With the nature of the Baseline feature created by Jama, we would like to make use of baseline on approved requirements and specifications as the base of legal contract.

    Problems what we are facing:

    1. In some projects, since the review center are intensively used by our project teams, there are nearly 60 baselines and 30 ++ folders. It is extreme troublesome to locate the baseline, which contains the final approval and to make the reference. There is no ways to sort and reorganize the baselines in a way which is meaningful for us to use.

    Feature Request: We would like to have the possibility for the user with manage project permission to re-order the structure of created baselines within the project.


    For example: project manager shall create a folder under baseline tab such as "Base of contract xxxxxx", and he shall be able to move the baselines with the approval for the specifications and approval changes to this folder. So that at any point of time, a legal person or project team could quickly go to Jama find those baselines for their works, for auditing as well as any of the discussions without the needs to search hopelessly like now for the relevant baselines.


    1. Currently, when a user opens a requirement, he can find the name of the baseline under version but it is so difficult for him to get the information – by whom was the item approved.

    Feature Request:  a new widget for item view – Baseline – there user by viewing the item, he can find the list of the baselines, which item is a part of as well as the digital signatures on those baselines.



    Best Regards,


    Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG

  • 2.  RE: Request for improvement on Baseline

    Posted 11-19-2018 07:33
    Hello Jama-Team,

    the current functionality of the baselining feature is also for us not sufficient.

    We need also a improved overview and separation of baselines between system (review) controlled baselines and user baselines which can be sorted and ordered manually.

    At the moment if I would be asked, I see here the biggest drawback of Jama! :-D

    Best regards

    Rene W.

  • 3.  RE: Request for improvement on Baseline

    Posted 11-19-2018 08:13

    we strongly support both feature requests and would like to "enhance" it even further:

    Currently the feature to disable the possibility of deletion of artefacts in Jama is not applied to Baselines, which means that users who are not allowed to delete artefacts in Jama are still allowed to delete baselines. This is an issue, because escpecially for baselines that have been automatically created from reviews the review records may get lost, including approvals.


    Anna Henke
    MeVis BreastCare GmbH & Co. KG

  • 4.  RE: Request for improvement on Baseline

    Posted 11-20-2018 06:50
    Agreed--we would benefit greatly from baseline tab improvements, particularly sorting and reorganizing the baselines (including custom folders and such).

    Nicki Repici
    Pittsburgh PA

  • 5.  RE: Request for improvement on Baseline

    Posted 11-21-2018 01:32
    Hi all,

    we full agree here.

    To add to our scope: In some of our project they have 100+ folders called "individual items" and another 50 called "Component" or "specific item type". That is in my book not very user friendly.

    Also in general the navigation in the baselines has some room for improvement. Usually we use bsaelines in a audit situation and the "perfect world" term we coined here is a "Time Machine Baseline", meaning we would like to have the possibility to view and browse a baseline just like you have today on "main-latest", meaning the possibility to show the project tree hierachy (at that time), viewing relationships (at that time), viewing the content of the item at that time and also apply filters.


    Matt Heger

  • 6.  RE: Request for improvement on Baseline

    Posted 04-15-2019 15:52
    I agree with all of these requests.

    I am also having issues with baselines for documents which are moved into other projects. These documents appear not to have baselines, because baselines don't move with the items into the new project.

    This means we need someone who either knows where the items were moved from, or we have multiple sets of baselines in multiple projects.

    If you do set a new baseline in the new project, it is not possible to compare the new baseline with the versions in the old project via the baseline comparison report.

    BioFire Diagnostics

  • 7.  RE: Request for improvement on Baseline

    Posted 04-16-2019 16:41
    I strongly agree with the request to be able to organize Baselines. I make quite a lot of use of the 'baseline-to-current' reporting feature and find that the biggest frustration in using that feature is finding the baseline I want to work from.

    Ian Webb
    Enphase Energy, Inc.