Product Idea

  • 1.  Reduce the Database Size

    Posted 03-09-2017 06:27
    Hello All,

    This is based on my experience with Jama 2015.5 in our organisation.

    I was analying a lot for putting a hold on the size of database growth used by Jama. I am surprised to see the below facts
    1) In Jama, versions of each item are stored as copies of items. It is not a delta information being stored.
        So in an automotive industry, if you bind automated test to the test cases and you do change a field value 10 times in a week for weekly builds, then my calculation goes like this

    1mb test case with 10 changes per week = 10 copies of same item where the versions differ only in a single field value = 10mb space
    If this is the case for 10,000 items, then instead of 10,000mb Jama is using 10 times more space i.e, 100,000mb

    2) Is there any other way to save database?
           If I take a project export roundtrip from Jama 2015.5 and store somewhere else as a excel, then whether there is any guarantee that upcoming Jama versions will support excel import.
    i.e, Excel export from Jama 2015.5 will import in later versions of Jama? (Jama 8)
    This is a question.
    If no, then this option is also ruled out where we can archive and keep it away the unwanted projects from Jama database.

    I would really suggest to look into the feature of Trimming down the versions of item either via front end or via backend.

    Also, a feature or options to reduce the database space so that Jama can be used easily in an extensively increasing TDD(Test Driven Development) automotive world

    Sanjay Krishnan R S