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Auto sync

  • 1.  Auto sync

    Posted 08-16-2017 10:10


    Similar to this thread:  https://community.jamasoftware.com/communities/community-home/digestviewer/viewthread?MessageKey=05caca74-90c1-414b-a7d1-49e50e674b66&CommunityKey=c9d20d4c-5bb6-4f19-92eb-e7cee0942d51&tab=digestviewer#bm05caca74-90c1-414b-a7d1-49e50e674b66Support

    We are quickly realizing that one of our core usage scenarios in Jama is to keep items in sync between projects.  Our projects contain hundreds of items and are reused by many other "peer" and/or "children" projects, so the item dependencies/relationships can be wide and many levels deep.

    To complicate this further, not all items need to be in sync all the time since items can "retire" in a project, while other projects may need to stop syncing certain items after a period of time, yet continue syncing other items.  In addition, the sync direction can be reversed.  That is, a child project may want to sync changes of certain items back to the upstream/parent item source.

    Since we have hundreds of items per project, many projects, and relationships that span multiple levels deep, we are seeking for an automated way to help manage this synchronization.  Automation (correctly configured), would eliminate any potential human sync errors, as well as having the sync done immediately when a change occurs (versus the time it takes for someone to get a notification for the change, and then when they are available to go into Jama and execute the sync and remember to do it correctly.. i.e. to sync with projects A through J except B and F).

    The Jama REST API seems to be lacking the ability to actually trigger/perform the sync.  There are methods to discover synced items for an item, to add/remove an item to a GlobalID pool, and to determine the status of the sync (out of sync or not), but no API to actually perform the sync.

    Thank You!


  • 2.  RE: Auto sync

    Posted 10-12-2018 06:54

    isame here, s there any progress on this issue?

    Peter Bauer