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Why Test Groups have only one level?

  • 1.  Why Test Groups have only one level?

    Posted 10-24-2019 11:20
    Edited by Jie 10-25-2019 10:43
    I am uisng Jama Cloud. I can create multiple layers of folders of test cases. However, when I try to add these test cases to a test plan, I only see one level of test groups as a result. This makes it difficult to see the hierarchical structure of the test cases. But fundamentally, why does Jama need Test Group at all? When adding test cases to test plan, the test case folder structure in Project Explorer should be used. I have used popular test case management tools such as TestLink and TestRail, and that is how it is done. Test Group just seems a useless, harmful concept to me.

    Jie Kang