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Faster Reuses

  • 1.  Faster Reuses

    Posted 12-06-2017 11:15
    I was thinking of a faster way to perform a reuse.  What about allowing users to perform a fast reuse by following these steps:
    1) Click on the object to be reused in the tree view.
    2) Click Ctrl, C to copy the object.
    3) Click the desired reuse location in the tree view.  Then click Ctrl, P to paste the object.  The object would be pasted below the location clicked in the tree view.

    Extra credit: If users want to reuse an object with relationships, they could perform a Ctrl, C on the object to be reused in the tree view, then instead of clicking Ctrl, P in the tree view to paste the reused object, they could right click in the tree view and choose "reuse object with relationships."

    Extra, Extra credit: Allow users to reuse multiple objects and reuse them all by following the same fast reuse steps listed above.

    These suggestions would save several minutes per object reused.  We do this frequently, so it would streamline things for us.

    Nick LastName
    Rockwell Collins

  • 2.  RE: Faster Reuses

    Posted 04-15-2019 16:51
    I would love to see this, the other thing that would be great is just adding "Ctrl key down" on drag implements reuse of the selected item(s) to the destination target.

    Joshua LastName
    Plexus Corp (On-Premise)