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Review Center - Viewing Full Version History

  • 1.  Review Center - Viewing Full Version History

    Posted 09-20-2018 04:26

    Sometimes, requirements change from one release to another. When we do that, we need to go through a process of review and approval all over again, according to CFR 820.21/30 - Design Controls.

    Now - Jama helps with this but it doesn't help too much in helping understand what are the changes that were added to a certain requirement, while the requirement is in the "Review Center". I am not talking about changes performed during the review, but changes performed both outside and inside the review, which are listed under the "[[[V]"(ersions) functionality, accessible from the project view, for each item there.

    It is also very difficult for whatever reason, to go to the actual requirement within the project from the Review Center. There is no link back to the requirement from there, which seems awkward; one needs to switch to another window that would have the project open, then do a search by title or phrase (also - not even the GID or ID shows up there, which would speed up the search) and then filter the results, then look  through the results and then you hopefully find it. This is... counterproductive.

    To summarize, here's what we would like:
    1. Have the  version history available in the Review Center, for any item subject to review.
    2. Ability to navigate from the Review Center into the project for each item subject to review. It's just fine to open another tab to perform that navigation.

    I tried searching for this in the list of feature requests but I wasn't able to locate it. If it's already there - I hope it gets implemented really soon, as the lack of these features is a productivity hindrance right now.

    Thank you!

    Razvan Costea-Barlutiu

  • 2.  RE: Review Center - Viewing Full Version History

    Posted 09-28-2018 02:25
    Anyone? Is nobody but us looking for such a functionality?

    Razvan LastName

  • 3.  RE: Review Center - Viewing Full Version History

    Posted 10-09-2018 08:59
    I agree these features would be very helpful

    Karen Dorsch
    Sun Life Financial

  • 4.  RE: Review Center - Viewing Full Version History

    Posted 10-10-2018 12:50
    In addition, review center does not show all the fields of an item. For example, we have custom fields that state whether a requirement is critical, and the Reviewer is supposed to check that this field is appropriately set, but it is not visible from the Review Center. The Reviewer then had to look up the item in the project view, with the caveat described by the Original Poster on this thread (no direct link, had to search for text...). This makes the review process more painful than it has to be.

    Sophie Marini
    Mercury Systems, Inc

  • 5.  RE: Review Center - Viewing Full Version History

    Posted 10-11-2018 08:51
    ​Maybe I'm missing something or not fully understanding your issue.

    In review center today, you can see the difference from one version of the requirement to the next by looking at the compare view and you can configure your custom fields to show in review center (we have several). If you need help with this, let me know and I'll try to post some steps to show you.

    On the hyperlink: I'd be interested to understand the reason you have to go back to the physical item type within the project. Are you needing to see something that you can't in review center?

    Angela Southworth
    Jackson National Life Insurance Company