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Customize Notifications

  • 1.  Customize Notifications

    Posted 01-10-2019 11:00
    Can anyone explain ho to go about to change the content and format of the automatically generated notification email? Thanks, Mike

    Mike Mattinson
    Orlando FL

  • 2.  RE: Customize Notifications

    Posted 01-10-2019 14:55

    Hello, it is possible to do some minor reconfigurations of the notification emails if you are using a Self-Hosted version of Jama (this will not work for Cloud versions). We use Velocity templates for these notifications; you will need to know how to use the Velocity API. It should be noted that these changes are not supported and/or recommended by our Engineering team and we do not provide support for the customization of these templates. Because this is an unsupported change to the templates, we are unable to assist with particular references.

    Here is an article in the Community about it: What Do Jama Software's Email Notification Templates Do? How Can Email Templates Be Edited?

    It is worth noting that this article does not go into details about what can or can't be used so, trial and error with Velocity will be your best bet going forward.


    Chloe Elliott
    Jama Software
    Portland OR