1.  including attachments in Test Runs

Posted 9 days ago
We have several Test Cases that have associated attachments which are needed by Testers when the test is run. They are attached to the Test Case. However, from the Test Run window, it says "This item has no attachments".
Is there a way to force the attachments to be copied to the Test Runs when the Test Plan is created?

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2.  RE: including attachments in Test Runs

Posted 8 days ago
Edited by Kimberly Embry 8 days ago
Hi Kevin,

Do you know if the widget to view attachments in a Test Run is already configured? If it is not, you will need to add the attachments widget to the "Test Run" Item type. To do this, go to Admin > Item Types > Test Run > Edit. Click on Attachments so it can be added to Active Widgets and save your changes. I included a screenshot below in case my instructions are fuzzy:

If you've already done this, forgive me. If you would like the test case attachments to be visible during a test runs' execution, there is only one way to execute this: Adding images (or links to files) in the Rich Text Field of the test case. There is an article on the Community with a similar discussion here. If I've failed to provide a solution or workaround to your needs, you can create a feature request detailing more of how you want this to behave. Hope this was helpful Kevin!

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