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  • 1.  Filters in Review Center

    Posted 04-10-2018 15:31
    I would like to suggest two changes to the filters in Review Center.

    1) Persist the filters.  If I set a filter, choose a review, then come back to the review center, my filter is gone.  It would be nice if the filter was persisted.
    As an example, if I am moderating multiple reviews, I may want to open each one in sequence to see the progress. Each time I come back, I have to re-filter the results.

    2) Improved filtering in Review Center.  This could include:
         a) filter by time left (due in next 3 days).
         b) filter by the moderator of the review.
         c) filter or search by keyword.

    Justin Sterkel

  • 2.  RE: Filters in Review Center

    Posted 11-30-2021 06:19
    Agree, searching in the review center would be very helpful. We have thousands of reviews and would love to be able to search to locate what we need quickly.

    Nicole Comer