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Inherit Field from Parent

  • 1.  Inherit Field from Parent

    Posted 02-13-2018 17:58
    It is possible to do a calculated field on upstream items, but only if the result is mathematical in nature.  We include certain categories on parent items by selecting from a picklist, and we want the downstream linked/related items to inherit those values from the upstream object.  It would be great if there could be an addition to the calculated field "calculation types" to account for string functions.  At the very least a "concatenate" option would allow the string to be merged so all options selected are visible on the lower level item.  An even better function would be to "select all in picklist" so that the downstream item calculated picklist contains all the choices from the upstream items' picklist values.

    Menu that appears when a user is trying to add a new calculated field

  • 2.  RE: Inherit Field from Parent

    Posted 03-26-2018 10:17
    I'm also interested with this feature.

    Here is what I wanted to do :
    If an Upstream item Field = A, B or C (Picklist)
    Then the related Downstream item Field will be filled with A, B or C.

    And if there are more than 1 Upstream item, I should be able to set a hierarchy :
    Item1 field = A
    Item2 field = B
    Item3 field = C
    with the hierarchy A > B > C

    Then Downstream :
    Item field = A


  • 3.  RE: Inherit Field from Parent

    Posted 6 days ago
    Edited by Steven Besser 5 days ago
    I also, agree.  Calculated Fields should work with Stings for the following field types:
    • Text Field
    • Pick List
    • Multi Select
    • Text Box (Rich Text)
    • User
    We have a number of Fields that need to be Inherited from Parent to Children (Both Parent and Child are the same item type).


    We also have a number of Fields that need to be inherited from Upstream to Downstream (Different Item Types).

    Today we have to manually replicate the Field Contents, and hope and pray they stay the same.  Yes, we can watch the suspect flags for problems, but that is also a manual scrub.

    Simple Text Field replication would go a long way, and would solve all of our current needs.

    I can envision, concatenation of multiple Text Fields could also be very useful, but less of a priority for me.


    Steve B.

    Steven Besser
    Olympus OSSA
    Waltham MA