Topic: Serving a custom html file on web server 

1.  Serving a custom html file on web server

Posted 09-12-2017 22:26
I need to temporarily upload a HTML file so that users are able to view using the normal Jama URL. I've tried uploading this file to /usr/share/nginx/html directory (in the nginx container) but I get a 302 in the logs and the page is automatically redirected to [jama-url]/login.req. Could you please advise where I might be able to do this. It's only temporary and I understand that it will be deleted upon the container restarting.


2.  RE: Serving a custom html file on web server

Posted 09-13-2017 19:49
Unfortunately such a configuration would not be possible - it's likely you could change the redirect settings for nginx, but doing so might break your users' access to Jama in unforeseen ways, as what you are asking for is outside of the range of configurations we support.
Instead, have you considered putting the item in question in Jama? While I don't think HTML comes whitelisted by default for attachments, you could add HTML files to the attachment whitelist then attach it to an item that all Jama users have access to. Depending on the complexity of the markup, the contents of the HTML file might be able to be put directly into the description of a Jama item as well, since CKEditor supports markup.

Abby Embree
Jama Software