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IOC / P-Diagram Creation and Integration (CPM)

  • 1.  IOC / P-Diagram Creation and Integration (CPM)

    Posted 03-13-2018 13:57

    In the spirit of creating high quality but intensely complicated products, we are relying on Critical Parameter Management as the tool/methodology to reach that end. Both from a technical and practical standpoint, it would be incredibly powerful to integrate CPM tools directly within JAMA. One of those tools is the P-Diagram (or IOC diagram), which is a very useful way to represent a system as a function of inputs to the critical responses that contribute to functional requirements. Having a P-diagram creation tool in JAMA would both facilitate the use of the diagram as well as enhance its significance in the development process.

    Below is a sketch of what this might look like:

    A sketch of what a P-diagram creation tool might look like in JAMA
    This would be a p-diagram creation tool that combines visual representation and practical usability in order to establish meaningful and traceable relationships in a functional system.

    In general, are there any CPM related tools that already exist in JAMA? Is there a feature set in JAMA that could support something like this P-diagram creation tool? I would think there's a lot of value in CPM tool integration for a wide variety of applications...


    Daniel Anderson