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Integrate Active Directory with Jama User module

  • 1.  Integrate Active Directory with Jama User module

    Posted 07-11-2018 18:43
    Integrate Active Directory with Jama User module (Through REST API or other common platform)

    Develop a means to synchronize Active Directory content (like a group or list) with Jama Users across a client's enterprise.  It is difficult to know who from the enterprise/field that needs to be an active read-only user.  The read-only users would be added/removed from the Active Directory List by their manager using the following logic:

    • When a new user is added to the AD Distribution List, the integration/interface would create that user account in Jama.  The Distribution List name would be used for the Jama User group.
    • When an existing user is removed from the group, the Jama user is deactivated or just removed from the Jama user group.
    • This could be accomplished through the expansion of REST API to the users and groups part of Jama or by some other common platform.  The important part is that Active Directory should be able to push updates.

    Benefit: Reduces manual user management time.

    Work around is manual manipulation of many Distribution Lists in spreadsheets and then importing.

    Casey Berger
    Nashville TN