Add realated + copy fields

  • 1.  Add realated + copy fields

    Posted 5 days ago
    Hi all,

    I need to add a related Item from an existing one and copy some fields (different item types). Which is the best way? I do not want to sync.
    Example: Stakeholder Requirement to be refined by a derived System Requirement. Some fields are identical.

    For identical Item types you can just reuse with a rule (reuse options -> advanced).
    How can I do it with different types? I would like to to have such a feature in order to avoid a lot of copy-paste.

    I have only found the option:
    1. Reuse the original Item with adding a relationship to the original Item, copying the desired fields and selecting a target destination
    2. Convert the reused item to the new item type
    3. eventually change the relationship type, if needed.

    Is there a shorter way?

    Best regards,