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  • We have collected some ideas, experiences and thoughts from user and admin point of view: When clicking on a requirement and following the relationships, there should be a configurable option that the requirements tree follows the displayed item (similar ...

  • Agree that this would be very helpful ------------------------------ Cynthia Weber Software Test Lead ProQuest LLC Ann Arbor, MI ------------------------------

  • " Filer By " in item list does not show " Assigned to " Author option causes confusion, no relation to " assigned to " or " created by " Engineers can not easily extract these items out of a list. ------------------------------ Marcel Bachus Innolux ...

  • bump!  still a very much desired new feature for us.  causing lots of problems as casual Jama users always forget to go into Advanced to select the proper reuse rule. ------------------------------ victor ------------------------------

  • I also have posted about this before, and I agree that creator permissions should allow baseline creation. I like Steve's idea of allowing Creators to create, but not edit or delete baselines. ------------------------------ Patricia BioFire Diagnostics ...