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  • With the List View, we can use tag to filter items in System Requirements. If we would like to open several items from this List View in JAMA current project page, we can't. From this view, the right click will open a new window or a new tab in the internet ...

  • Hi Rahul: We do not have it available in doc format, but the link is a public one you can share outside the Community. ------------------------------ Chloe Elliott Jama Software Portland OR ------------------------------

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    Export Reviews

    Is there a way to export reviews and approvals?   What happens when you archive a review? ------------------------------ John Nance Farmers Insurance Bellevue WA ------------------------------

  • I get text like  instead of a quotation mark when exporting using Word.  How do I avoid that? ------------------------------ John Nance Farmers Insurance Bellevue WA ------------------------------

  • Why the rest API just allow to do a put /items/{id}/location but this only works with project not item. that's why I suspect the move request we done to do not work anymore because may be some check has done to move item. And that's why ...