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  • Docker Doomsday Issue: How to Mitigate

    See post below to discover what we have done to mitigate this issue for Jama users.
  • Announcing Jama Connect Risk Management Center

    New investment in the Jama Connect platform to help you improve collaboration in your development process and better mitigate risk. See article below for more details on our new Risk Management Center:

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    RE: Jama 8.36.1 and nginx

    Hi @Anna , Looks like 8.42 is shipped with NGINX_VERSION: 1.16.1-1.el7.ngx Best, Janis​ ------------------------------ Janis V ------------------------------

  • Jama Connect Baselines: looking up and forward. Tell us what opportunities you see for improvement to your workflow with Baselines. Take this three minute survey:    Baselines Organization  ------------------------------ Chloe Elliott Jama Software ...

  • Hi Community!  It's time for another Community Deep Dive Live YouTube event, this one focused on our REST API. I want to invite you to join us on Wednesday August 14th at 7am PST as we talk to Jason Brown, Senior Product Manager all about the REST API ...

  • Hi, I just faced the same need - I have over 300 items in my project and I noticed 1 of them includes an attachment - how to find which one of the items has the attachment? I found no way other than checking items one by one - not very convenient... ...

  • Chloe, I suppose as a Reviewer, I only have option of 'Check' symbol but not the 'Cross' symbol to fail the review? Herman ------Original Message------ Herman: You can make yourself into a hybrid Moderator/Approver if ...