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  • Change to support processes for OpsHub customers

    Many customers use OpsHub for integrating other tools with Jama Connect. We've found that in many cases your questions are quite advanced and best addressed by OpsHub directly. As a result, we're streamlining our OpsHub integrations support process.

    Starting Monday, February 8, 2021 all support for OpsHub will be handled by OpsHub directly. You will receive an invitation directly from OpsHub to register for their help portal.

    • If you have a new OpsHub question or issue, complete registration for an OpsHub Service Now account and create a ticket.  
    • If you have an open ticket with Jama Support regarding OpsHub, no need to take any action. We'll close that out with you directly.
    • If you aren't sure if an issue is a Jama or OpsHub issue, feel free to contact Jama Support first and we'll help you figure that out.

    We would like to introduce you to Bhavna Bahal, our primary partner contact at OpsHub. If you have any questions about the change, she’s available to help.

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