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  • Apologies, I should have looked harder. Clicking the gear next to the project name then Configure project, then the Item Types tab lets you choose the item types. ------------------------------ Jack ------------------------------

  • I've figured it out. Once you have the JObject item you want to edit and the int ID of the picklist option you want to set a field to, you can do something similar to below: public void updateItemPickList ( long itemId , string field , ...

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    RE: Interfaces

    ​Ok, I have to think about it for a bit. ------------------------------ Art Stone Boeing 714-580-9042 ------------------------------

  • Hi Jack,  Glad to hear that change worked for you. As for the newline characters, these will break the json format so they do need to be stripped. You can add a line like this to your code to strip the \n's and \r's that are in your string: string ...

  • Monika: Unfortunately, no Swaggar only works with the REST API at the moment.  We have a Velocity section under Education > Velocity Advanced Reporting in the Community. You can take a look there to see the resources available to help. Best, ------------------------------ ...