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  • Ok, thank you! I'm happy to know that I'm not crazy. The problem is that although I don't do longer this action, our database is already corrupted. But knowing that it is a defect I can work properly. I encourage you to fix ;-) Regards, PD: Is possible ...

  • Hi, On our Jama items, we use a Roll-Up fields to show the % of "A" values downstream. But we find differences between: - The value shown in our upstream item. - The export value of this upstream item. - What we really have in downstream items. #1st ...

  • Hello Jama, When this will be solved? Locking items is an old issue and with an old approach to lock items when editing. Moreover very often items can be unlocked only by a Jama admin (not a project admin). I would say that unlocking of items is the most ...

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    RE: widget ribbon

    Hi John, At this time the  widgets' ribbon location isn't customisable. Jama's previous design had widgets displayed horizontally though this was changed based on customer's feedback (see this  Feature Request ). The idea to add a scroll to the ribbon ...

  • Hi, I dare say that the browsers right click menu is far more useful that the Jama Cut/Copy/Paste right click menu, something most users do via the keyboard. thanks ------------------------------ Callum Davey ------------------------------