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  • Any update on this? It's been 5 years and this seems a pretty basic but necessary part of filters. ------------------------------ Scott Ruskamp Green Hills Software ------------------------------

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  • done -> see ------------------------------ Alessandro Systems Engineer SICK AG ------------------------------

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  • Hi Cynthia and Jamey,  Thank you for posting about this! If you'd like, we'd love to have you share your feedback/ideas on our Ideation portal. This will give the ideas more visibility and provide other Community members with the chance to vote/comment ...

  • Hi Donia, I know -> there some bugs around. SOS-DEF-5109 (Test Runs). SOS-DEF-5196  Best, Alessandro ------------------------------ Alessandro Systems Engineer SICK AG ------------------------------

  • Hello, This type-ahead feature for single and multi-select picklist fields is great, but we noticed it only works when editing an existing item.  When adding a new item, the type-ahead feature does not work.  Is it possible to make it work during item ...