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We welcome your ideas for making Jama better and thank you for sharing them with the community. We cannot guarantee every idea here will get a direct response from us but, our team does funnel popular ideas and themes to our Product team for consideration.

Here are some instructions on how to post a product idea:

1. Navigate to the Ideation module here!
2. Search through the current idea cards, if your subject already exists you can vote it up and explain your use-case in the form of a comment.
3. If your idea doesn't already exist, post a new idea card.

Read here about our Product Idea Process

The most useful product ideas have:

It is best to outline the specific problem your organization is encountering because when we consider Product Ideas, we prioritize solving problems. This will help our Community Manager and Product team gather use cases to better identify hot topics that need attention.

Latest Discussion Posts

  • Hi Chloe, I'll add this idea to the ideation module. All of the relationships to various realization concepts are important to the system engineer, who defines the requirements. By creating realization concept, the engineer reads ...

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  • Hi, We just upgraded from 8.36.5 to 8.49.2 and our situation is exactly the same that Steve describes here. We too would like to hear any updates on where this idea is currently. Ideally there should be an option to either set the default value or disable ...

  • Hi, I would like to express support to Jonah's request for API extension. I am using Python REST API to build parts of some model in JAMA and need to read the content of the diagrams as input to this process. I traced the way the graph editor ...

  • Any news on this? We really would like to have this feature in order manage variants ------------------------------ Alessandro Systems Engineer SICK AG ------------------------------

  • Looks like this idea is getting some attention lately. Here is the ideation card with this idea, @Alessandro , @Lien , @Vanessa , @Florian ​​​​, you can comment and vote here: Attachments in Reviews Best, ------------------------------ Chloe ...