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  • Hi Jason,  Thank you for clarifying! I apologize for the confusion. Yes, the duplicate feature is only for in-project.  In this case, I would suggest  reusing the item  into the other project.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Best,  ...

  • Thanks Decoteau for your response and providing clarification. Regards, Farah. ------------------------------ Farah Malik AMD ------------------------------

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    RE: Workflows

    Hi Mark, Thank you for reaching out! Would it be possible to see how your Workflow set up is arranged in your Admin settings?  Best, ------------------------------ Decoteau Wilkerson Jama Software OR ------------------------------

  • Hi Andrew,  Thank you for opening that Support ticket.  To briefly recap, we saw that one of the items having a different amount of subitems prevented the sync from working properly. After moving the item elsewhere, the sync was back up. Please ...

  • Hi Kevin,   The issue associated with this defect,  SOS-DEF-1995, was fixed in  Jama 8.26 The  release notes  will show this fix and other updates for new releases. Please let me know if you have any questions! Best,  ------------------------------ ...

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