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  • Hi Katlin, Thanks for looking into it regardless. We will submit a ticket. ------------------------------ Jack ------------------------------

  • Hi, I seem to be getting this problem on the latest version we are running. I have a feeling it went away for a while and seems to have come back again.. It randomly seems to occur, sometimes when updating already completed tests. Its very frustrating, ...

  • Thanks, Godiva.  We'll check out the details. ------------------------------ Herman Yih Aerovironment ------------------------------

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    RE: Velocity Sort not working

    Hi Roman, Thanks for the tips. I'll try them out when I get the chance. ------------------------------ Jack ------------------------------

  • I know this is a old post but while i was working on another issue i stumbled on the fix for this issue and wanted to share this with the community.  The short of the issue was the user typed in a huge value (5000000) for the "Show" amount instead of ...