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We welcome your ideas for making Jama better and thank you for sharing them with the community. We cannot guarantee every idea here will get a direct response from us but, our team does funnel popular ideas and themes to our Product team for consideration.

Here are some instructions on how to post a product idea:

1. Navigate to the "Discussion" tab near the top of this page.
2. Search through the current discussion posts, if your subject already exists you can add on your use case in the form of a comment.
3. If your idea doesn't already exist in this Community, use the "Post a Message" link and create a new post in the Suggest an Idea Discussion area.

The most useful product ideas have:

It is best to outline the specific problem your organization is encountering because when we consider Product Ideas, we prioritize solving problems. This will help our Community Manager and Product team gather use cases to better identify hot topics that need attention.

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    RE: Full Copy of test cycle

    Shruthi: The big opportunity of putting ideas out to the Community is to unlock the ability to crowdsource with other Jama users/community members. Because none of the Community users can see the details of your ticket (as well as the brilliance of your ...

  • +1 this would be very helpful ------Original Message------ This is an issue for us as well. Particularly as, if a user doesn't finish the commit, the item is locked. ------------------------------ Cynthia Weber Business Systems Analyst Lead ...

  • Hi, I've been upgraded to v8.42 and the Item View layout is changed: the fields labels are set as titles what significantly reduce the amount of fields displayed without scrolling. I would like to get it back as before. Also labels are now capitalized, ...

  • Hi, I would like to initiate a List View from an Item selection (Item View). Today whenever a filter return 1 item or an item is directly selected in the Explorer, it's not possible to see the item in List View (table of 1 row). Tables may be more ...

  • Hi, I would like to initiate a Trace View from an Item selection (Item View). Today Trace View can only be opened from a List View or Reading View defined by the selection of a Component, a Set, a Folder or the definition of a Filter. This means that ...

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