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  • 1.  Attachments Policy?

    Posted 12-12-2022 19:43


    Is there any policy in regards to attachments?

    We currently attach our zipped test results data to each testrun.
    Before attaching, we remove any existing attachments using DELETE /items/{id}/attachments/{attachmentId}
    Then we upload our latest.

    We are aware that these deleted attachments may not actually be removed, but just "unlinked" from the testrun.

    Is there anyway to delete the attachment itself via the API?
    We are just concerned about the total size of attachments overtime if they are not actually deleted.

    Are we OK to keep doing as we are doing?



    Matthew Huisman

  • 2.  RE: Attachments Policy?

    Posted 12-13-2022 14:14
    Hi Matthew,
    attachments are items too (OK, somehow special ...), thus versioned too.
    I haven't tried, but there is an endpoint PUT /attachments/{attachmentId}/file.
    Maybe you can try to update an existing attachment.

    Systems Engineer

  • 3.  RE: Attachments Policy?

    Posted 12-18-2022 14:31

    thanks for the suggestion @Alessandro Valli

    I tried it and I can indeed update the existing attachment id.
    However, Jama still tracks the history for this attachment, so the storage used will still be the same vs just uploading a new attachment.​
    So I see no benefit vs the current method unless Jama only keeps X amount of history and will eventually delete the older versions?

    Matthew Huisman