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    Posted 10-25-2023 00:58

    I'd like to learn best practise for use of comments, and when should they be used vs a formal review.
    In particular I'd like to understand how associated actions that can be added: !decisionneeded or !question add value.
    For example I'd like to see all requirements within a section that have comments containing unanswered questions or decisions - can I do that?

    Fraser Macmillen
    Vertical Aerospace

  • 2.  RE: Comments

    Posted 10-25-2023 01:39

    we discriminate between informal and formal reviews.

    Informal reviews are via comments for a certain status of item

    formal reviews are via review center for a given status

    In the review center you have some functionality to filter out the desired information.

    For comments I had to write a BIRT report to get this information (unresolved comments, e.g.). As BIRT will be discontinued I won't have such feature in the near future :-(

    Systems Engineer