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  • 1.  Custom Word Export Template Assistance

    Posted 10-22-2023 23:23
    Edited by Steve Sutton 10-22-2023 23:24

    Good day. I'm somewhat new to JAMA and still learning, so appreciate any assistance. 


    I have a series of Verification procedures that I've created for a given software project that will span multiple releases. The related system requirements will be progressively satisfied throughout the various releases. I need to create a custom word export report of the verification procedures and am struggling to get a report to generate as I desire. 

    Troubleshooting to date:

    1. I've read the help sections
    2. I attempted to follow this guide:
    3. I downloaded the DefalutWordTemplate Guide and attempted to reference that
    4. A lot of trial and error

    Results to date:

    1. I've managed to get a custom template uploaded with company header and cover page with mergeFields on the cover page that are properly pulling report title and data.
    2. The table of contents exports, though I am currently only doing a single procedure, it at least populates. 
    3. The Verification procedure description exports.

    What I need:

    1. Note in attached image, Paragraph 1 is the current export (I removed the actual export data and but generic statements in there). I need an export that would be formatted and look like Paragraph 2, with the description and a table of Verification Procedure steps, results and notes.

    Any assistance to point me a correct formatting of the fields to get a table to populate would be greatly appreciated. I included two images, one of the current output with a screen capture of the code I'm using and a second with the latest code I tried and the output that was put out, that looks the same as paragraph 1. I manually created the tables in image 2 as well as the sub-paragraph for the procedure steps to show an example of my desired end result format. Note the highlighted sections are not actual code, just what i would expect as inputs for the table columns. 

    Thank you for any help in a solution or a workable, easily editable format to get to the desired format. 

    Steve Sutton
    L3Harris - ForceX

  • 2.  RE: Custom Word Export Template Assistance

    Posted 10-23-2023 07:35

    Hi Steven, 

    the possibilities of templates with mergeFields is very limited, especially when it comes to exporting Test Cases. With Velocity Reports, you would have much more options.

    I recommend that you have a look at the custom velocity reports on Github. There are some very useful to start with:

    Community-Reports/Test Center Reports at master · jamasoftware-ps/Community-Reports · GitHub


  • 3.  RE: Custom Word Export Template Assistance

    Posted 10-23-2023 19:35


    I had a look around in the repository you linked and tried to export a few of the different test reports. I must be doing something incorrectly as I followed the directions as listed, but when I run the report I only get a 1kb word document that will not open. 

    I had hoped that I would be able to simply use the custom mergeFields and place them at appropriate points in my overall export template and JAMA would appropriately populate the respective data fields in the places I put the mergeFields. Based on what you are saying, is this not something that JAMA supports? 

    I appreciate the help and assistance. 

    Steve Sutton
    L3Harris - ForceX

  • 4.  RE: Custom Word Export Template Assistance

    Posted 10-24-2023 05:05
    Edited by Steve Sutton 10-24-2023 05:08

    Update 2:

    After more trial and error, watching YouTube videos, etc., I finally had some success with the custom formatting. I did note that the actual blocks I needed to put in were different than what most of the tutorials and videos showed, mainly that I did not need to include "CHILDREN" in the lines for sub items. 

    I've included two images, one of the raw code that I got to work, and one of the export output with the actual data from my procedures manually replaced with dummy data for the sake of posting publicly online. An added note is that this worked when ran as a custom export for single Verification Procedure as well as when I had the folder of all verification procedures selected. For a single procedure export, it exported as expected. when I had the entire folder of Verifications selected in view and exported, each procedure became its own separate document sub section. 

    Next on my agenda is to work on additional custom formatted exports for Test Plans and reports as we approach a pending initial release and the required traceability and documentation for delivery to the customer. 

    The biggest need from our usage for these reports is the ability to provide our customer with the required traceability documentation for verification procedures and requirement coverage each release, while additionally having it easily formatted on the need company engineering document formats. The biggest issue I've seen so far appears to be that some of the training material and reference documentation in existence is 6-8+ years old and not comprehensive enough to cover additional formatting cases. 

    Steve Sutton
    L3Harris - ForceX