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  • 1.  get same ID after a DOORS import

    Posted 04-14-2023 00:57

    Hi all,

    I would like to know if is it possible to get same Jama ID and DOORS absolute number after import a DOORS into Jama.

    Inside Doors requirements, we have text of some doors requirements. Even if the setKey is different, we could do a find and replace. But after Jama import, all ID are different from DOORS absolute number. So it impact our specifications and code.

    Best regards

    Jean-Michel RUFFLE

  • 2.  RE: get same ID after a DOORS import

    Posted 04-15-2023 00:43

    You can define the first two segments of a Jama Item ID (the project key and the set key), but you cannot define the third segment, which is the unique counter generated by the database.  You can define a custom field to hold the DOORS ID (this is commonly done).

    Geoffrey Clemm
    Jama Software