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  • 1.  How to @mention a User Group in Comment Stream

    Posted 08-29-2022 16:51
    We are interested sending comment stream messages from items to a Jama user group.​  The comment stream field indicates a comment can be added to a person, group, project, item etc., but when typing @ with 2 characters, ​​the different types available are People, Items or Invite.  User groups don't appear as an option.

    We have been utilizing user groups for notification emails in workflows, but we've identified a situation now that requires the ability to generate a comment stream message directed to user groups.  Is this functionality available, and if so, please describe the procedure.

    Thank you,

    Mary Oatfield [Designation]
    Providence Health Plan
    Beaverton OR

  • 2.  RE: How to @mention a User Group in Comment Stream
    Best Answer

    Posted 09-05-2022 01:42
    HI Mary,
    it works in my case (comment widget from single item view). At a first trial I get proposed People, Groups, Projects. 
    Maybe you have a permission issue here.
    Try to do the same directly in the stream and compare.
    Best regards,

    Systems Engineer

  • 3.  RE: How to @mention a User Group in Comment Stream

    Posted 09-06-2022 08:18

    Thank you Alessandro! It was a permissions issue; after granting the user group read/write permission to the project, I'm now able to see it in the @mention list.


    Thank you again,