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  • 1.  Jama not saving edited items in some cases

    Posted 01-03-2024 07:07

    When editing the description field of some items, it seems that Jama does not recognised that the text was changed. This means that the "save & done" button remains greyed out and it is not possible to save the update. This mainly seems to happen when the description field also contains a (pasted) picture/figure.

    When I then change the "name" field, saving is possible, but only the changes to this (name) field are actually kept; changes to the description field are lost.....

    We run a  self-hosted instance, v8.79.5.

    Anyone else seen this? Is this a bug or user error? Many thanks for your insight!


    Allard Van Der Horst
    Semtech, United Kingdom

  • 2.  RE: Jama not saving edited items in some cases

    Posted 22 days ago

    I have just noticed this same behavior as well. I found that deleting the entire contents of the description field and re-pasting helps me make the desired change (see the steps below). This is frustrating and certainly not confidence-inspiring!

    Steps to make a successful "save and done" edit:

    1. enter "edit" mode for the item
    2. make desired changes
    3. select the entire contents of the edited field
    4. delete all content
    5. paste the clipboard into the field
    6. save and done

    Have you found anything other fixes or work-arounds?

    Spencer Bondhus
    Bracco Medical Technologies
    Eden Prairie MN

  • 3.  RE: Jama not saving edited items in some cases

    Posted 21 days ago


    We had similar issues on 8.79 self-hosted. Installing the Docker version recommended by Jama (Docker 20.10.17 for 8.79.5 self-hosted) resolved most of the issues. I do not remember the details.

    After upgrading to 9.0.x self-hosted, the issue resolved completely.

    Hope that helps.


    Peter Lampacher