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  • 1.  Managing variants with shared requirements / test runs

    Posted 04-11-2023 02:59

    Hi Jama experts,

    Hope you can offer some best practice for the following scenario OR guide me to existing threads with same scenario.

    We currently have a system which contains of a set of modules. This makes up "Product A" with test runs on both module and system level. 

    We plan to create a new variant of the product (same product family), "Product B", with added capabilities, but re-using a lot of the existing documentation (requirements, test protocols, even test runs). The Product B will also be subjected to external submissions, thus anything created in Jama should be distinguishable and easily exported (from baseline).

    Here is the question:
    How should Jama be utilized to best distinguish between Product A and Product B?
    a. By tagging requirements that are unique to each variant and creating separate baselines for each variant
    b. By using the categories option to indicate which variant a given item relates to
    c. By using re-use and sync to separate the variants, thus adding distinct items to each "jama project"
    d. By distinguishing within test plans, e.g., separate test plans for each variant
    e. Something else?

    It is important to note that existing test runs from Product A could also be applicable to Product B, i.e., still valid without re-run.

    Below I have outlined how it would look with having Product A and Product B within the same Jama project:

    Jacob Brodal
    Systems Engineer

  • 2.  RE: Managing variants with shared requirements / test runs

    Posted 04-20-2023 07:02

    Hello Jacob,
    I've just seen your very interesting question in the forum.
    In our company (medical device, infusion pumps) we have not yet reached the scenario you are describing, however we will, soon reach that point, so I am very interested in reaching a conclusion. 
    I have a couple of questions on your approach before I could provide you with a potential answer.
    For example,
    1. you have the concept of "Verification Protocols". What is a "Verification Protocol" in your view? Is it a Test Plan with associated Test Cases? Or is it something else (another item type)?  
    2. you mention that the reports are being baselined. How can you baseline a report? That's not feasible technically in Jama. Do you imply that the test runs have been put under review and you use the review baseline? Or something else?

    Warm regards