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Office template "report parameters"

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    Posted yesterday

    I am creating an office template report using the mail merge feature.
    When creating the report in the admin page, in the creation dialog, there is a "Report Parameters" field on the last line
    I would understand how to use this field.
    I am assuming it is to transfer a parameter to the word file as we can see in Velocity/BIRT reports.
    How to fill this edit box?
    Can we put several parameters in it? How to separate them?
    How to access the parameters' values in the word document?
    Currently, without filling this editbox, when I generate a document using this report, there is no field to fill with values in the export dialog
    If I enter something in the "Report Parameters" field, at creation time, will the export dialog propose new lines to enter the parameter values?
    I need some help here

    Bertrand Lechevalier