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Questions regarding exporting project items

  • 1.  Questions regarding exporting project items

    Posted 12-19-2023 16:55
    Edited by Amar Sma 12-19-2023 17:07


    1. We are looking to export all of our Jama items in all projects to Excel and HTML formats. This was working well until we had to export the defects for our largest project, which has over 20,000 items in it. We were able to generate the Excel and HTML files for All Item Details, but we are facing an issue with the HTML file - it is too large, and after we open it, the file causes our browsers to receive an out of memory error, so we are not able to use/read the information in the file. We have tested this on multiple browsers and the file crashes every time.

    Is there a way that we can split up the 21,000 items in the project and export them 1,000 or so at a time, into around 20 or so different HTML files?

    2. We are also experimenting with pulling information/reports from the MySQL 5.7 DB we have set up for Jama. Is there any way we can export/parse information about different items using the DB? For example, we also use JIRA, and in JIRA we are able to pull information for any given ticket using certain queries in the JIRA DB. Are there any queries that we could use to pull information about project items and the fields in the items, given a specific item ID/Key?

    3. We are also looking to export all of our attachments - is there any recommended way of mass exporting all attachments? Is it also possible to export the attachments' associations with the item they are connected with?

    Amar Sma