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  • 1.  Requirement closure implementation

    Posted 29 days ago
    I am transitioning an existing aerospace V&V management tool into JAMA and have a few questions on how to get the functionality we are used to.
    1. My team has many requirements mapped to each test case. How can I show that 2 requirements have failed, while 5 have passed in a given test run? Currently all I can figure out how to do is mark the entire test run as passed or failed or passed with errors. I dont see a way to indicate pass/fail per requirement. What I want to show is that the test run was completed and mark which requirements are passed or failed.
    2. Is there a test case approval process implemented? We dont allow a test case (i.e. test procedure) to be executed until the test procedure has been approved and signed. Is this implemented/possible to enforce in JAMA?
    3. Is there a data review approval process implemented? Currently it looks like the requirements are closed after a test run is passed. We dont allow formal requirement closure until there has been a data review approval. Is this implemented/possible to enforce in JAMA?
    4. How do I show traceability from Test Cases to requirements (upstream relationship trace view)? Right now all I can figure out is how to show trace from requirement to test case, which is not the filtering I need to see. I need to see the rollup of all requirements into a few test cases.
    Thank you! 

    corrina benjamin

  • 2.  RE: Requirement closure implementation

    Posted 10 days ago
    Edited by Carly Rossi 9 days ago
    Hi Corrina, 

    Great questions! Our User Guide is a wonderful resource, and I'll link some articles from it that may be helpful here. 

    1. In executing a test run, you should be able to mark each step as passed or as failed -- for more granularity, a custom report may be needed.

    2., 3. By doing an Approval Review, the review would stay open until/unless the review moderator finalizes and closes the review. You can also opt for baselines to be signed electronically, if/as needed.

    4. The Trace Matrix may give you something similar, as it'd allow you to select a list of requirements to see which have related test cases. 

    If you still have questions after reviewing those pieces, please let us know by filing a ticket HERE (making sure to include a link to this thread as part of the description). Our Support team would pick things up with you from there!

    Carly Rossi // she/her
    Community Manager // Jama Software
    Portland, OR