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Sticky Review Instructions

  • 1.  Sticky Review Instructions

    Posted 12-11-2023 01:14

    When inviting for a review, the "Invitation" dialog has a "Message" rich text box. We use this field to give instructions to the reviewers. For example:

    • In this version of the document with the sections A, B, C, only section A is ready for review
    • Jim, I am counting on you to review section A. Jane, please review section B
    • Please approve even if there are TBDs in the document, we will resolve the TBDs in a future version.

    Although this message gets out per email, the reviewers tend to miss the message. It would be great, if the message would become an html field that would stick to the top of the browser and always remind reviewers and approvers when they are scrolling through the review pages. Also, it should become part of the baseline. 

    Benno Kusstatscher
    Analog Devices