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Velocity Excel lookupPickListColor Macro

  • 1.  Velocity Excel lookupPickListColor Macro

    Posted 12-13-2023 09:39

    Hey everyone, 

    I'm using the velocity code from the Jama Github for Bi-Directional Trace with Merge Cells and I seem to be having trouble getting one of the macros to work. I'm wanting to have the cell formatted to the color of the picklist color in Jama when I run the velocity report. 

    This is my picklist:
    This is what I'm wanting it to do. I'm currently having to do conditional formatting after I export and it's extremely time consuming. 

    This is the macro code from the Jama Github: 

    I'm needing to apply this to custom fields and am calling the macro like this: 

    When I run the report, it doesn't put the picklist value; it's just a blank cell. 

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

    Sara Wertanen
    Oceaneering Entertainment Systems