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See below for tutorial links according to Jama Connect's functional areas. Soon we'll have more content integrated with the videos. We're also working on more content and establishing role-based training recommendations.

Get to know Jama Connect - how parts of Jama Connect work, at a high-level. 

Creating and Editing Items - how to create and edit requirements and other items.

Collaboration - how to use Jama's collaborative functions.

Traceability - how to create and maintain relationships—coverage or traceability—in Jama.

Office Exports - how to export to Word & Excel and customize the reports using Mail Merge.

Review Center - how to manage reviews.

Test Management - how to create and execute tests as well as measure progress.

Administration - how to configure Jama.

Release Management - how to manage releases with three distinct approaches.

Reuse & Sync - how to use Jama faster and more efficiently with reuse abilities.

Advanced Reporting - how to create BIRT & Velocity reports.

Ask Jama - Jama consultants demonstrate features and functionality while sharing best practices and answering audience questions in hour-long sessions.

If you're a new user who needs a quick introduction to Jama, you can find recommended tutorials tailored to your license type.
Tutorials by License type


Creating & Editing Items




Office Exports


Review Center


Test Management



Release Management 

Reuse & Sync


Advanced Reporting


Note that you can access Jama's schema by logging into the community and navigating to Developers > Database schema.

Ask Jama

Recommended Tutorials by License Type