Welcome to Jama's new Community! We just switched community platforms and hope you get more value out of the experience. You will have a more full-featured text editor, the native ability to upload and share attachments and ways to connect with other members. You will be able to subscribe to daily or weekly digests rather than all-or-nothing immediate notifications. We're working on integrating our online training and success portal content into the community as well, that way you can discuss adoption, best practices and on-boarding with customers who have been there, done that.

There are a few account details to know:

  • If you registered for Jama's community between 2015/02/01 and 2016/10/20 with your company's email address, you will have an account already created. You can set your password through this link. (If you run into any problems with that, try another browser—we've had reports of various Chrome and Firefox builds not working as expected.)
  • If you signed up for an account with a non-company email address (such as gmail or hotmail), you will need to create a new account here

For more details on using the community, check out this post.

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    Hi Rupa! ------------------------------ Kristina King Jama Software

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    RE: Tags

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    Hi Siva, There is not a way to bulk remove tags in the UI. (The only thing you can do is delete a tag wholesale from Jama's UI or REST API.) As far as adding tags to multiple items, you can do that in the UI, however, you have to add it to one item...

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    Test ------------------------------ Rupa Gopisetty CalSTRS CA ------------------------------

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