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  • Posted in: Support

    Hello Lien, I double checked our item fields for any functionality which could filter in the Explorer tree location within Jama. I, unfortunately, could not find a way to do exactly this. Alternately, have you had a chance to take a look at our Release ...

  • Posted in: Support

    Hi, We are looking at using Release Feature for variation management. How manage releases can I maximal create in a project? Is there a thread hold on this? Lien

  • Posted in: Support

    Hi Kristina, I recently experienced a strange issue (Jama 8.25) with copy/paste images or diagrams (especially from visio): when I copy small diagrams, everything is fine, but for larger diagrams or images, something like an "eternal upload ring occurs". ...

  • Posted in: Support

    Phillip: I could not find away to change your internal links in the RTE during the Reuse and Sync process. But, there is an option to create a "Relationship" to the original item when you configure your reuse and sync. See below: Just check "Add a ...

  • Posted in: Support

    Hi, We are working on topic Variance management. So we make use of the project structure in Explorer to portrait the structure of the variation. I notice, the location in which set / folder the item is locating- is shown by Jama beside ...


  • Holiday Hours Observed Monday, February 18th

    Jama US-based Support will be observing holiday hours on Monday February 18th and our offices will be closed. Our EU-based operations will continue with normal business hours of 7a-4p GMT + 1. If you are an Enterprise customer and experience a critical ... More


  • Let me start by saying that if your Jama production instance goes down, you should submit a ticket to Jama support here ...

  • Posted in: Support

    Who is this for? Jama Administrators who would like to set up default Project List View with Mixed Item Type settings ...

  • Posted in: Release Notes and Announcements

    Announcing Jama Connect Risk Management Center As medical device complexity increases, we continue to invest in ...

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  • Posted in: Knowledge Base

    Login as the "root" user and go to the backup tab, download an XML backup file. If you are migrating from a contourhosted ...

  • Posted in: Knowledge Base

    (Originally posted by Aaron P