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  • Hi Debra, We currently don't provide that information to customers publicly, but if you are interested you can reach out to our Reports Developer (Shawnna) for more information. ------------------------------ Justin Phang Developer Support Engineer ...

  • Shawna, where are the scope options ("5" in this case) identified? I'm wondering if I'm missing out on some documentation. Thanks...Debbie ------------------------------ Debra Shannon Sentek Global San Diego CA ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Support

    Hi there Lien, Thanks for checking in on this, that definitely sounds odd. Would you be able to clarify exactly how your colleagues are breaking that synchronization and if that unlocks both items?  Also, could you let us know if you set up a synchronization ...

  • Posted in: Support

    Hello  Mathieu, Could you check if the item types that are not working have a workflow-enabled? There is a defect in Jama where the roll-up fields do not work on item types with workflows. This defect is known as SOS-DEF-1678.  There is also another defect ...

  • Posted in: Support

    Hi, New to Jama and have successfully been able to connect via the API and pull items, etc. Running into a problem with trying to post a comment to an item, and not sure what I'm doing wrong, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction :) ...


  • EOL announcement for Jama 8.14.x

    As announced in February, 8.14.x no longer qualifies for full support . ... More


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    Reuse and Sync FAQ

    What is reuse and when can it be used? We have a quick video explaining the feature here .                         ...

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  • Posted in: Best Practices

    Currently copying an integer field value over to another item is not a straightforward process, but it is possible through ...

  • Posted in: Best Practices

    By default, Jama displays the name and description of any items added to a review. However, the Review Center is not limited ...

  • Posted in: Archive

    archived: see https://community.jamasoftware.com/blogs/carmen-lastname/2018/03/28/reuse-and-sync-faq Can I synchronize ...

  • Posted in: Best Practices

    It is possible to import many kinds of items into Jama, one of them being Requirements. To successfully import requirements, ...