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    Thanks Chloe! ------------------------------ Theresa Fujifilm SonoSite WA United States ------------------------------

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    Victor and Theresa: Thought you both might be interested in this new resource our Product team has put together. It's our new API Cookbook, a living document where Jama API ideas will live. There happens to be a section on using the REST API to run ...

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    Now that I think about it our solution involved automated tests and we don't enter individual steps for those. It only updates the Test Run - Status field. I'm pretty sure we would have access to the Test Run Step - Status field because it's available ...

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    RE: How import test results

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    Hello Theresa,  We would like to import our test results to a Test Run. Does your solution include updating the results for each Test Step or just the Test Result? ------------------------------ Victor Davila Rivian Irvine CA ---------------------- ...

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    One of our reviews gives the following error when opened: I can see this has been raised before and solution given is to press OK and then Highlight View. But this does not work, I just get the same error again If I press Compare View then it does ...


  • Docker Doomsday Issue: How to Mitigate

    See post below to discover what we have done to mitigate this issue for Jama users. More


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    In order to set up SAML, your company must have a  SAML 2.0 compliant  Identity Provider (IdP) and a technical person, often ...

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    The Issue: BIRT reports with embedded charts/images/tables will fail when attempting to export to Microsoft Word format. ...

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    Pattern: Overview

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    What are Patterns? Initially developed by architect Christopher Alexander as a ”language to describe common architectural ...

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    Intent Make it easy and intuitive for stakeholders to follow your processes by supporting them with workflows Also Known ...

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    Pattern: Interfaces

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    Intent Be explicit about identifying and documenting interfaces Motivation As the complexity of products grows, we ...