Attention Jama hosted and Express channel customers

We understand our customers use Jama to release mission critical products and it is highly important to have as much notice as possible when Jama releases updates that cause an interruption in service. By popular request, we are now publishing our 6-month planned release schedule. As always, we will provide more precise details via email as the release date approaches. We may also need to make adjustments to this calendar, so be sure to follow this post so you can be alerted to any changes immediately.

    Release Planned Dates
    8.16 May 27, 2017
    8.17 June 17, 2017
    8.17.1 June 24, 2017
    8.18 July 15, 2017
    8.19 August 12, 2017
    8.20 September 9, 2017
    8.21 October 7, 2017
    8.22 November 4, 2017


    • We may still schedule downtime or maintenance outside of this calendar; you can refer to the Jama SLA for further information.
    • Jama servers are hosted in three regions across the globe and the release dates will vary by region. Please see your internal Jama owner to determine where your instance lives.
    • Generally, Express versions will be made available the Wednesday following the deployment of the Hosted release.

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