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Considering the amount of improvement needed in the JAMA UI, I find it striking that you did not list ...
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UI inconsistencies

By: Daylyn Meade 18 hours ago
For EVERY modal window (those opened within the scope of the JAMA page) address the following UI inconsistencies: ESC ...
Please enable keyboard shortcuts for: choosing "actions" cancel editing Save and done Edit Find ...


  • Introducing the Jama Connect Interchange™ (JCI) Community

    Jama Connect Interchange™ is a web framework that simplifies the process of linking data across multiple product development applications, including Excel, and helps Engineering organizations struggling to comply with live traceability requirements across ... More
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    Release Date US: 2022/06/28 Release Date AU/EU: 2022/06/29 Resolved Issue ID Description ...

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    Release Date US: 2022/06/24 Release Date AU/EU: 2022/06/25 Introducing Lookup Matrix Calculated Field Type Lookup matrices ...

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    When an installation or upgrade service is needed, here is the process to submit a request to the Jama Support team -- ...

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    Browsers Note that browser zoom is supported only at 100%. Use of browser extensions/add-ons or the enablement of Compatibility ...