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  • Posted in: Support

    Chalan: Hi there! We do not have specific limits to the number of items in a set, but we do have some volume considerations for the Jama instance as a whole. Here is a link to a blog on our Community, it shows all of our usage parameters recommendations: ...

  • Posted in: Support

    Mari: You are very welcome, so glad this is useful for you! ------------------------------ Chloe ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Support

    Mari: This would be an interesting option to look at! I know you are in the middle of configuring your Jama instance, let us know if you end up going this route. Bob: Thank you so much for coming out of retirement to help Mari. We have the best customers, ...

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    Order of Export Items

    Posted in: Feature Requests

    Currently the order or items in an export is based on when you created the item (global id). The export completely disregards the order of your items that you place them. If this was by design, then I propose we change the design: order the exported ...

  • Posted in: Support

    Oh yes! Thank you Chloe, you are the best! Although the automatic email would be sometimes even better...but this will do. ------------------------------ Mari Leipola Project assistant Finland ------------------------------


  • Ask Jama Webinar - Get Your Questions Answered

    Join us Friday, September 21 for a webinar hosted by Jama's Alisa Eikanas and Zeb Geary to learn their favorite tips, tricks and time savers in Jama. Whether you’re a Jama Connect veteran or novice, join members of our professional services team to walk ... More


  • Jama Connect delivered via the cloud is an attractive option for organizations wanting to get up and running in a scalable, ...

  • Jama is pleased to announce our add-on feature MathType. You now have the ability to  formulate complex chemical and mathematical ...

  • Posted in: Jama Customers

    The Jama Product Development platform can help you and your teams transform your product development process.   ...

  • Posted in: Jama Customers

    For almost ten years the Jama application architecture remained unchanged. With the release of Jama Connect 8 we introduced ...

  • Posted in: Knowledge Base

    The   release of Jama 8.25   includes many new features to aid Verification and Validation, one of which is a new license ...

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