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Best Practices

Discussion Thread 5
Best practices for Reuse

Focus Search - Best practices for Reuse

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Blog Entry
User Management Best Practices

Creating Groups User groups should be created prior to users in Jama Software. This allows adding permissions to Groups instead of individual users, making permissions management much easier. Groups are then assigned access to Projects and granted permissions, and can have different permissions for each project. Both Organization Admins and Project Managers can create user groups and...

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Discussion Thread 3
Change Request Practices Best Practice Setup

Focus Search - Change Request Practices Best Practice

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Discussion Thread 2
Stream communications - Tips/best practices?

Focus Search - Stream communications - Tips/best

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Blog Entry
License Types and Best Practices

of your licenses. Best practice to assign these users Named...license type is best for users can be a

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Webinar: Best Practices for Writing Requirements

Mitchell on July 20 as he shares best practices

Blog Entry
Traceability Best Practices for Compliance Webinar

the 14th! All the best, Trevor

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Discussion Thread 4
Best Practices with Organizational User Groups

Focus Search - Best Practices with Organizational User

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Discussion Thread 2
Best Practice - Using Projects as Release Vehicles

Focus Search - Best Practice - Using Projects as

Discussion Thread 2
What is a best practice for DB maintenance?

Focus Search - What is a best practice for DB

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Webinar: Jama ISO 26262 Certification & Best Practices for Development

best practices will help expedite...://

Discussion Thread 2
best practices for creating documents to be imported into Jama

Focus Search - best practices for creating documents

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Discussion Thread 9
Best practices to deploy from Dev and Prod environment

Focus Search - Best practices to deploy from Dev and

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Blog Entry
Best practice for changing an item type's field

It is possible to change an item type's field that is already in use by using the Roundtrip export . To start, you need to create a new data field. Go to Admin > Item Types > Select the item type > Config > Add Field to create the new field. Note that the new field should be of a new type. This will allow you to change the field type, by replacement. You also need to...

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Blog Entry
Best practices for creating and configuring a new item type

? Don't sweat it; it happens to the best of us

Blog Entry
What are the best practices for importing items?

Contour allows an easy-to-use interface when importing documents. However, users often experience huge roadblocks with the process and find themselves lost on how to get hundreds of requirements on a single document into Contour. These tips are meant to aid in the import process and will help guide users when formatting for Contour. Using Microsoft Word: Tip 1: Each item...

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Blog Entry
Best Practices to Restart Jama 2015.5 and prior

it's best to follow the below steps in

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Recording now available for Ask Jama About Organization Admin Best Practices

admin best practices. You can now watch a...Medium and Low [priority], what is the best

Discussion Thread 26
"Branching" in Jama - share your best practices for reuse and sync

Focus Search - that we recommend in terms of best practice

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Blog Entry
Best practices to perform a full re-index in Jama versions prior to 8.0 (2015.2, 2015.3, 2015.4, 2015.5)

Note: This article is for re-indexing in versions of Jama prior to 8.0. If you are noticing that items are not appearing when they do exist, you may try performing a full re-index to resolve the issue. If this is not an issue you have seen in the past where re-indexing fixed the issue, consult with Support first. Disable all integrations that access Jama using the SOAP or REST API,...

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Discussion Thread 6
How to best configure project structure to maximize reuse?

Focus Search - best practice Jama hierarchy for project

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Blog Entry
How to best restart Jama 8 and all its components (for Jama 8.x only)

A proper restart on all Jama 8 components can sometimes resolve issues. Here are the steps to do so in the right order. Note: If the user running the commands is root , there is no need to use sudo . 1. Stop Jama from Admin Console dashboard If Admin Console is not accessible you can skip the first step. 2. Go to Jama application server and stop all running containers using the following...

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Blog Entry
Good practices when removing fields from an item type

When intending to remove a field from an Item in Jama keep in mind that you will lose all the information stored in that field permanently. If you still want to delete the field, there are three processes that you might implement in case you want to keep a copy of the information: 1. Create an export of all the items of the type that you intend to remove the field from. 2. Backup the data...

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Blog Entry
Full Support and Best Effort Support Defined

transitioning from full support to “best effort...with the minor point releases. Best

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Discussion Thread 4
Folder or item/requirement header or title

Focus Search - managers address this, or more broadly, best

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Discussion Thread 1
Best way to handle matirx of requests and permissions

Focus Search - Best way to handle matirx of requests

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Discussion Thread 5
Best JTDS settings for MS SQL Server Installations

Focus Search - Best JTDS settings for MS SQL Server

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Blog Entry
How to best work with attachments in Jama

Jama has an attachment widget that allows an attachment tab to be visible on Jama items.Attachments can be viewed by double-clicking on the attachment, either in the attachment tab of an Item or in the Project > Configure Project window. When working with attachments there are many things to take into account. The attachment widget can be deactivated by an administrator in Jama. ...

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Discussion Thread 8
User is unable to log into JAMA

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Blog Entry
Expected Behavior of HTML Tags in Jama Software

In November of 2015, Jama Software performed a security change required to protect our customers both in the cloud environment and on-premises. With this change, we switched from a blacklist for attachment types to a whitelist (you can read more information here ). The whitelist defines a list of valid HTML values that the system can render. As a result, Jama Software will not render any text...

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Discussion Thread 12
Problems with Excel Roundtrip—how to best import multiple item types

Focus Search - best import multiple item types

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Discussion Thread 2
Task Top VSO

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Discussion Thread 4
Handling Requirements for Multiple Release

Focus Search - Hi All, I need an advice about the best

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Discussion Thread 4
Ability to group requirement per feature

Focus Search - added. Do you have a best practice to

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Discussion Thread 2
Math Symbols, Images, Word-Import

Focus Search -   Is there a best practice to handle

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Discussion Thread 6
When we finally upgrade our Jama to the latest version

Focus Search - MySQL database? Best, James

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Discussion Thread 4
External stakeholders

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Discussion Thread 4
Review Center emails

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Blog Entry
Jama 8 Installation and Upgrade Troubleshooting Tips

If you encounter issues installing or upgrading Jama 8, walk through the checklist below before submitting a support ticket . Many of the issues that our customers have reported while installing Jama 8 have been due to one (or more) of the following. Does the Jama application server meet the specifications for Jama 8? Is Jama configured behind a proxy? Is a firewall blocking...

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Blog Entry
Clearing Picklist and Multiselect Fields with the REST API

Picklists and multiselect fields, like all other Jama Software item types, can be updated via the REST API. Updating an item via the REST API is done by sending a PUT request. PUT requests update the fields of an item with new values. When submitting a PUT request, it is important to send the values of all the fields you intend to leave the same as well as the fields whose values you are...

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