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Discussion Thread 2
Review Center Overview / Export

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Discussion Thread 2
Rest API to pull comments

Discussion Thread 3
Export Review & Comments to a Document

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Library Entry
Advanced custom report how-to guide (BIRT and Velocity)

PDF guide detailing how to create advanced custom reports using BIRT and Velocity engines. #velocity #BIRT #userguidePDF


Discussion Thread 2
Merging a Word template with a Birt report ?

Discussion Thread 3
Query to get Test Run status

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Discussion Thread 8
Where are field values stored in Database

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Discussion Thread 3
Item connected users in report

Discussion Thread 7
User Report with Duration

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Discussion Thread 3
require help to configure BIRT

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Discussion Thread 2
Regarding Sandbox environment creation

Discussion Thread 2
Addtional custom reports

Blog Entry
Self-Service Reports Development on your Hosted Environment

Jama’s on premises customers have long been able to develop their own custom reports, but until now Cloud customers have been required to have a services engagement if they want to upload their own reports. However, if you are a Jama Connect Cloud customer and want to develop your own custom reports, you can now develop your own. The following describes the process for procuring your own...

Discussion Thread 5
How are Review Comments stored in the Jama's DB?

Blog Entry
Velocity Export to Excel keep linefeeds or bullet points

Don't use $velocityReportUtil.getValueForField($vDoc.document,$vDoc.documentTypeDto,"description",$dateFormat,true), this removes everything. At first replace "</br>" with "&#10;&#13;" then use the replaceBreakForExcel function that does more than it says. See sample code below: #if ($vDoc.document.description) <Cell ss:StyleID="s60"> <Data ss:Type="String">...

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Blog Entry
Using notepad++ for BIRT and Velocity scripts is recommended. Any other options?

notepad++ "is a free (as in "free speech" and also as in "free beer") source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Running in the MS Windows environment, its use is governed by GPL License." For odd languages and extensions like Velocity *.vm and BIRT *.rptdesign which are almost but not exactly like their base languages HTML...

Blog Entry
Report templates and other files made by community members for community members

Thanks to input from some community members (Tom, Harald, Swoo, Bob, Sebastian, the list goes on...), we now have a space for all of you to share report templates and other files that may prove useful. If you have a file you'd like to share, you can do so by selecting the Share a File link at the top of the community and we'll add the description to this list. Read this post to get more...

Blog Entry
Let's share report templates or code examples—the smartest one of us is all of us, after all

I am excited to let you know that you are now easily able to share files via the community. Here is the process: 1. If you have a file you would like to share with the community, navigate to the resource library . Note that some less common filetypes (.vm, .rpt) will need to be zipped before upload. 2. A Jama support engineer will run the file through a virus scan. 3. (Optional) Create a...

Blog Entry
Differences between Office Template Exports and Reports

When you want to export your data from Jama, there are a few options for which type of report you can use–Office Templates, BIRT, or Velocity. Although serving the same purpose, they do it in very different ways. We have separated out these two different types of reporting to provide a better understanding of how you retrieve information from Jama. There are a few terms to be familiar with...

Blog Entry
Built-in reports output cannot necessarily be changed via the root menu

Although in general, it is possible to output BIRT - and Velocity -generated reports to different file formats (HTML, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.), most Default Global Reports in Jama Software have not been designed to export to Excel and/or to Word. Here's a list of reports . Although Jama Software comes preconfigured to output these reports in their compatible formats, System Admins ...

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Blog Entry
Ask Jama Software: Getting Information In and Out of Jama

Here are link to the material that I showed today during Ask Jama Software: Getting Information In and Out of Jama Software Import Articles Importing Items Via Excel User Import Plugin How Various Word Layouts will Look When Imported Into Jama Software Importing Relationships Export Examples—see document library for the following . Customized Excel...

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Blog Entry
Expected behavior of image export and the role of enhanced image security

When users export documents from Jama, particular settings will affect how images are displayed. The behavior will depend on how the images are stored and how you are exporting them. Exporting to Word you might run into some issues, like red X or blank spaces instead of your images. Note that this behavior changed with the 2016/03/19 hosted release and Jama 8.0.2 on-premises release. ...

Blog Entry
BIRT and Velocity custom reports created by our Services team available for your Jama instances (community reports)

In partnership with Jama's Consulting team, we'd like to offer some custom reports, including usage reports, for our customers. These reports were written with BIRT or Velocity, so if you are an on-premises customer and have experience with the appropriate platform, you can manipulate them to suit your needs. Please note that these reports come as-is. Customer Care limits the support of...

Blog Entry
Introduction to advanced reporting

Why should I use an advanced reporting tool instead of Word exports? Word exports are a wonderful tool for getting information out of Jama Software quickly and simply, and if you don't have exacting requirements for what your report will look like we heartily recommend using that first ! However, many users have special considerations that require more control over the report output than...

Blog Entry
The parameters Jama automatically sends to BIRT reports

Jama sends BIRT report several built-in parameters which do not need to be set up when adding the custom report to Jama. The following will be automatically sent to the report: Parameter Data Type Returns report projectId String projectId (looks like...