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Blog Entry
Important change for Jira Cloud Authentication: Switch to API Token

Upcoming Atlassian change What this means for you: Failure to review or take action may cause a preventable break in communication between Jama and Jira Cloud Details Most Jira Cloud users are aware that Atlassian announced the December 1st (12/01/2018) deprecation of two forms of API authentication. The official announcement was made on March 1st. These changes do not impact Self...

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Discussion Thread 2
Task Top VSO

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Discussion Thread 2
JIRA Connection

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Blog Entry
Atlassian Account changes may affect Jama/JIRA integration

Atlassian has made some changes to account verification with JIRA that may cause a sync with Jama to stop. This will affect some users of the JIRA Cloud, but not those who host their own JIRA instance. Users will need to go through Atlassian’s account change and verification process with the user setup for the integration if they appear to be affected. This can be done via https://id...

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Discussion Thread 4
Warning or Error Message - There are required attributes in need of mapping

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Discussion Thread 8
login error on Tasktop for Jama sync

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Blog Entry
Streamlining Tasktop Integration Support

Over the past two years Jama has been the first line of support for the Jama Integration Hub powered by Tasktop. We've found that in many cases your questions are quite advanced and best addressed by Tasktop directly. So, we're updating our Tasktop integrations support process so you receive expert support even faster! Starting Monday, February 6, 2017 all support for the Jama...

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Discussion Thread 8
Synching JIRA Assignee Name Instead of ID

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Discussion Thread 4
How to locate orphaned Jama items orphaned by JIRA?

Discussion Thread 6
How to integrate Bugzilla with Jama

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Discussion Thread 8
Tag synchronization (JIH or Tasktop) Jama --> JIRA

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Blog Entry
Jama Integration Hub (JIH) Release Notes

Jama Integration Hub (JIH) UPGRADE VERSION 4.20.15 Published : 01/13/2020 Important Upgrade Note: If you are using Jama on-premises 8.12 - 8.14, please update to 8.14.1 or later before taking this update to ensure API compatibility. Upgrade Notes Sync Upgrade Notes Bridge 101247: If Tasktop Sync is using a custom log4j.xml file to control logging configuration...

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