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list view in review

some types of information is much easier to read in a table, having a list view option in review, even if the columns are still hard coded, would make reviewing certain items easier

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Discussion Thread 2
Excel import and fields "Item of type"

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Discussion Thread 2
Crash when pulling objects

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Discussion Thread 4
@mention to Email Regardless of Review Status

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Blog Entry
Planning your Jama Software Services Engagement

If your organization has recently made the decision to implement Jama or if your team is interested in learning more about Jama Software implementation services, this article will provide you with an overview of the Jama Software Services Engagement methodology, sample Engagement and Project Plans, and an overview of project roles, activities and responsibilities. Example Engagement...

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Library Entry
Engagement Plan Example

This Powerpoint example of an engagement plan (Alignment, Launch and Adoption) outlines a framework for organizing your team through the phases of your initial rollout of Jama Software including identifying a team roster, communication plan, milestones, high level training plan and deployment plan. #administration #implementation

Sevices Engagement.pptx

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Customer Roles and Responsibilities

#administration #implementation

Customer Roles and Responsibilities.pdf

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Example Jama Software Project Plan

This example plan outlines some of the typical tasks, timing and resources that are critical to your initial rollout of Jama Software in your organization. This is intended to give you a starting point to build from or integrate into a broader project plan. #implementation #administration

Example Jama Project Plan.xlsx

Blog Entry
Why Your Rollout Strategy Must Put People First

Software adoption has more to do with enlisting teams, not training them At a conference I attended, I listened to teams of people discuss the challenges they faced in deploying new software into their organizations. The consensus was that the software itself was typically easy part, it was the people part that was hard. Why? Because getting people to change their behavior is difficult work....

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