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Discussion Thread 3
Upgrading from Jama-2015.5

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Blog Entry
Standard channel (Self-Hosted) Release Notes

Full Support Versions Jama Connect 8.49.2 Standard Jama Connect 8.49.1 Standard Jama Connect 8.49 Standard , Notes for Administrators Jama Connect 8.42.4 Standard Jama Connect 8.42.3 Standard Jama Connect 8.42.1 Standard Jama Connect 8.36.5 Standard Jama Connect 8.36.4 Standard Jama Connect 8.36.2 Standard Jama Connect 8.36.1 Standard Jama...

Blog Entry
Jama Integration Hub (JIH) Release Notes

Jama Integration Hub (JIH) UPGRADE VERSION 4.20.15 Published : 01/13/2020 ( Download Jama Integration Hub - Jama Software ) Important Upgrade Note: If you are using Jama on-premises 8.12 - 8.14, please update to 8.14.1 or later before taking this update to ensure API compatibility. Upgrade Notes Sync Upgrade Notes Bridge 101247: If Tasktop Sync is using a...

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Release Notes

In April 2018 it was announced that the Jama platform was renamed to Jama Connect . Below are links to different versions of Jama Connect release notes. Note that in 2014 we began a continuous delivery process, in which the cadence of cloud (SaaS) updates became more frequent than the availability of Self-Hosted downloads. Jama Connect Jama Connect Cloud 8.25+ Release Notes Jama...

Blog Entry
Jama Hosted and Express Channel Release Notes 8.0-8.24.3

As of Jama Connect 8.25, Jama Software is no longer deploying to the on-premises (Express) channel monthly, so we are retiring this release notes page. Please visit the Hosted Release Notes for versions 8.25+ here . Version: 8.24.3 Release Date Hosted: 2018/03/24 No Express release New capabilities No new capabilities included with this release. Resolved issues SOS-DEF...

Blog Entry
Jama On-Premises 4.0-2015.5 Release Notes

2015.5: Jama Release 2016/02/03 Build Date: 2016/01/29 Overview While the feature set in this release is no different from 2015.2, we recommend updating to this latest build for all customers, particularly if you are running 2015.2 or later. We discovered exporting baselines using the default Export options may significantly impact system performance. ** Special Note ** This fix...