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Spring 2021
Updates from Customer Feedback

Previous Releases

Version 8.61

Spring 2021
Reviews, Workflow, Administration, Multi-Mode Authentication, Update from Customer Feedback

Version 8.60

Winter 2021
Updates from Customer Feedback

Version 8.59

Winter 2021
Updates from Customer Feedback

Version 8.57

Fall 2020
Reviews, Workflow, Baselines, Administration, Updates from Customer Feedback

Version 8.56

Fall 2020
Administration, View of Test Run Results, Batch Lock/Unlock, Export Reports supporting Tags

Version 8.55

Fall 2020
Administration, Baselines

Version 8.53

Summer 2020
Review Center, Updates from Customer Feedback

Version 8.49

Spring 2020
Baselines, Reviews

Version 8.48

Winter 2020
Baselines, Explorer Tree, Test Management

Version 8.47

Winter 2020
Review Center, Trace View, Test Center

Version 8.45

Winter 2020
Electronic Signatures, Review Center, Baselines, Permissions, Updates From Customer Feedback

Version 8.43

Fall 2019
Review Center, Baselines

Version 8.42.1

Fall 2019
Review Center Setup, Risk Management Traceability, Baseline Enhancements

Version 8.41

Summer 2019
Risk Management Center

Version 8.36

Spring 2019
New Branding, User Community Updates, Risk Management Center FMEA Templates, Reading View Improvements, WIRIS MathType

Version 8.31

Fall 2018
Trace View Filtering

Version 8.25

Spring 2018
Test Data in Trace View and Review Center, Rich Text Editor, Reading View and Review Center Enhancements

Version 8.20

Fall 2017
Duplicate, Reading View Enhancements, WIRIS Equation Editor, Review Center Enhancements, Accessibility Checker

Version 8.14

Spring 2017
Move & Undo Items, Trace View Refinement