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Jama Events and Training Webinars

Visit HERE to find the Jama Software team at upcoming virtual events in the U.S. and Europe.

Reporting and Exporting in Jama

Word Template Easy Start Guide
Introduction to Advanced Reporting (BIRT and Velocity)
Developing Advanced Reports for a hosted Jama environment
Advanced Reporting User Guide
Optional Reports for use in Jama (developed by Jama consultants)
Note: You can access the database schema by logging in and visiting the Customers-only library.

Optimizing Performance of Jama

Using the System Health Report to optimize Jama
Recommendations for System Admins

Troubleshooting in Jama

Troubleshooting an Outage in Jama 8.0 and Up

Using Jama's REST API

Connecting Jama to your automated testing tool
Uploading and Downloading Attachments


Review Center FAQ
Test Management FAQ
Reuse & Sync FAQ

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Rolling out Jama?

New to using Jama?

Support and Services have teamed up to provide some must-read articles and resources.

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Here are some posts that cover the admin side of Jama.

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Here's how you can expect to work with Jama and its teams.