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Jama Connect 8.79 Help Guide 

10-14-2022 17:47
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03-20-2023 08:48

@Geoffrey Clemm The 8.79 version of the Jama Connect User Guide is the most current -- they're based on the self-hosted releases, so the next user guide update will be with the release of Jama Connect self-hosted 9.0.0 this summer.

03-20-2023 08:34

Is there a more recent user guide PDF than 8.79?

01-23-2023 20:00

Hi Rolf,

Here are some resources that may be helpful here: 

Are the behaviours you're seeing different than the ones described there? If so, what are the steps being taken so we can try to reproduce the behaviours you're seeing?

01-17-2023 16:42

The User Guide does not explain how to map field names in the import file to fields in JAMA.  Further, at least in the JAMADev system I am using, the mapping is ignored.  The first column in the file maps to Name, even though I have a column titled "Name" in the import file.  Other columns are ignored, or mapped to another title in the JAMA file.  

Can you update the guide to give more detail on how to map column headings in the import file to JAMA.