Admin Panels and their functions

By Jason Ritz posted 03-25-2019 16:07


For our self-hosted customers, Jama Connect has a few Admin panels for configuring and administrating different parts of Jama Connect. Their names are very similar, and it can be confusing as to which one does what. Hopefully this article will clear some things up and give you an understanding of the functionality of each of these panels.


Jama Connect Admin Console

Let’s start with the Jama Connect Admin console. The Admin Console is used only by our self-hosted customers. It is mostly used by system administrators to set up the server, database, and license settings. To get to the admin console, open a browser and go to <Your Base URL>:8800. You will need to have the Jama Connect Administrator password to access the console. The first screen you see when you log into the admin console is the dashboard:

Jama Connect Admin Console
From the Jama Connect admin console, you can:


The Jama Connect Root Panel:

 The Jama Connect root panel is mostly used by system administrators. This is where the settings for services like email and single sign-on (SSO) live, As well as system properties and permissions. To log in to the Jama Connect root admin panel you will need to have the root user’s password. Simply navigate to your Jama Connect instance with the username: root, and then put in your root password.

Jama Connect Root Panel
Here you can:


The Jama Connect Admin Panel:

Jama Connect Admin Panel

Not surprisingly, the Jama Connect admin panel is mostly used by Jama Connect organizational admins. Both our self-hosted and cloud customers can access this panel. When a user with organizational administrator permissions logs into Jama Connect, they will see the admin panel listed at the top of the page. Some of the functions of this panel overlap with the root panel, but here you can: