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Review Centre frequency of email notifications

  • 1.  Review Centre frequency of email notifications

    Posted 08-17-2017 03:26
    On a review with 460 items, a stakeholder provided feedback comments on 148 items. If they choose to automatically follow items they've left feedback on, they get 148 or more separate email notifications from Jama when further feedback is left, or when the individual items are updated. This discourages stakeholders from leaving feedback, or they turn off the option to automatically follow items meaning they are less engaged in the review process. Stakeholders are also adding rules in Outlook to filter out the Jama notifications. Often this is compounded if a stakeholder is included in more than one review, which is often the case .

    Gábor Fehér

  • 2.  RE: Review Centre frequency of email notifications

    Posted 12-29-2019 17:19
    We also get a lot of complaints about review centre emails.

    Ideally there should be a way to
    1. publish a new revision and choose not to notify the participants
    2. have granular configuration that define in which scenarios an email notification will be issued to participants, e.g. when feedback is left by another participant, daily / weekly digest etc.

    Callum Davey

  • 3.  RE: Review Centre frequency of email notifications

    Posted 12-31-2019 11:43
    This is a​ big problem for us as well.

    Our business process focuses on many small reviews, so our reviewers are swamped with email.  I believe most of them have set up email rules to ignore all the "spam" from Jama.   A few others have configured Jama to minimize the amount of email Jama sends.

    Justin Sterkel

  • 4.  RE: Review Centre frequency of email notifications

    Posted 01-22-2020 15:35
    We have a similar issue. I get frequent complaints about useless e-mails (e.g.
    The deadline for Review xxxx is coming up in 2 days.

    You have completed your portion of the review and there is no further action required at this time.
    Also, users would really like a "N/A" comment that they could use to mark that an item is not applicable to them and automatically unfollow the item.
    Another useful feature would be a daily or weekly digest.

    Jamey Potechin
    Crestron Electronics
    Rockleigh NJ

  • 5.  RE: Review Centre frequency of email notifications

    Posted 01-23-2020 04:41

    Hi, the frequent  emails cause a lot of frustration and doesn't  give a very good impression to our business users. We are really hoping this can be resolved soon.


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