Product Idea Process

Jeremy Johnson
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You've found the Ideation Community, searched for possibilities, and suggested an idea to help Jama Software work better for you. What comes next?

Now that your idea has been submitted, it is automatically open for the community voting process. This will be the time to add further documentation and garner discussion and votes among your community peers. A Jama Software official may also ask clarifying questions to help firm up usage cases and support your idea card further. 

Once your idea has generated enough votes and interest: 

It will qualify to enter the Product Review stage. At this point, votes will be measured and evaluated by Community Management (every month). Qualifying ideas typically will have received several votes equivalent to ≈10% of monthly Community unique login traffic. The votes to be counted will also be evaluated on the diversity of interest. This will trigger your idea to be officially funneled to a monthly internal Product Review Process at Jama Software.

Alternatively, you may submit an idea already planned and on the Roadmap. In that case, the idea will automatically qualify to go into Product Review status to facilitate direct communication with you.

Note: these metrics can and will change according to business needs.

The Product Review stage has three (3) possible status outcomes: 

Not Under Consideration

Ideas with this status may be widespread and exciting. However, they need to align with the current Product vision and direction and will not be considered further.

Future Consideration

Ideas with this status align with our Product vision. These ideas are relevant areas of future market and user research. 


This idea is in or aligned with our current Roadmap, which means it is an idea we plan to work on in the future. 

Once this status is decided, a Product team member may contact the Ideation card stakeholder(s) for discovery. There will be an initial status given at this time, but as Roadmaps are fluid documents, these statuses will be interchangeable with them. 

If an idea is researched, developed, and launched:

The idea will receive a Released status with the corresponding release notes attached to its Ideation card.

Please direct any questions about this process to the Community Manager. Thank you for your continued support and ideas; we look forward to partnering with you!