Register for Community Membership

Although viewing some resources in the Community without logging in is possible, most resources are only available to authenticated users. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all Jama Connect® users create a user account and log in to access the resources within the Community.

To ensure our platform's security, users must register by following the steps below. We want to emphasize that no one at Jama Software® is authorized to create Community user accounts for customers or prospective customers. Account requests made using third-party email addresses will not be approved. Users must use their Organization's domain, which is the unique part of their email address after the' @' symbol. 

Registration Steps: 

1. Navigate to

2. Select the Register button in the upper right corner of the site

3. Complete the registration form and the security check, agree to the terms of service, 

and select the blue register button.

4. Your request is reviewed and approved once you register for account membership. 

Amanda Jennewein She/Her/Hers
Head of Support
Jama Software®